Titania Beauty Facer Orange 2960 BOX

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  • HIGH-QUALITY DESIGN: Made using high-quality materials and German-grade quality, the Titania Beauty Facer is a battery-operated peeling pad designed to provide a simple and effective facial cleansing.
  • SILICONE PADS: The facial brush comes with two included pads, both expertly crafted using durable silicone material. Suitable for all skin types, these hygienic pads can be easily cleaned under clean water for continual use.
  • ULTRASONIC TECHNOLOGY: Featuring two levels and two intensities - up to 8,000 pulsations per minute - you can enjoy a facial massage in the comfort of your own home. Experience your personal beauty care within two minutes using the Beauty Facer.
  • FACE CLEANING: Thoroughly remove makeup and dirt from your face with the Electric Face Peeling Pad. Use the large attachment to remove everyday makeup and dirt, and the small attachment for a deep pore cleaning.
  • ANTI-AGING TREATMENT: Apply the large pad on dry skin and just enjoy the gentle vibration and massage. This stimulates the circulation, making your face feel relaxed while rejuvenating the skin.