Tadim Sportiv Bar

Tadim Sportive Bar 30g

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Meeting your daily protein needs has never been this delicious! The new favorite of those who make sports a way of life, the flavor that differs most among the dried nut bars with its raw materials: Tadım Sportif Bar. Your life will never be the same after Tadım Sportif Bar, where dried fruits, raw pumpkin seeds, peanuts and cranberries come together with Tadım quality.

 Sportif Bar, which has high nutritional value and stands out with its taste, is always with you at any time of the day. Sportif Bar, which you will prefer especially as a protein source before and after exercise, will always be in your bag and pocket whenever you need it during the day.

Containing over 60% nuts and dried fruits, Sportif Bar is perfect to satisfy your protein needs with its satisfying feature. Of course, only in Tadım.