Pril Dishwashing Tabs Gold, 19.2g

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  • Powerful Cleaning Action: Pril Gold dishwashing tabs remove even the toughest burnt in dirt and residues and leave your dishes brilliantly clean and shiny every time.
  • No Pre-Soaking Needed: The Pril dishwasher detergent tabs remove even the toughest food residues or burnt in sauces or grease.
  • Anti-Water Spot Technology: Pril Gold dishwasher tabs leave all of your plates, silverware and glasses with a brilliant shine without water stains.
  • Anti-Malodour Technology: Pril Gold tabs formula removes any unpleasant und unwanted smells during the wash cycle.
  • For all dishes: The tabs are safe to use on all dishwasher safe dishes, glasses, mugs, bottles, silverware, pots and pans. Any baby bottles and dishes can also be included in the same dishwasher load.