Persil Laundry Detergent Premium Gel

Persil Premium Gel

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Persil High Performance Gel is the best formula from Persil yet, designed to provide superior stain removal on even the most stubborn stains and up to 4 weeks of long-lasting freshness.

  • Superior Stain Removal:

Provides an extra stain-fighting boost to remove the toughest of stains such as grease, grass, chocolate, coffee, etc

  • Long-Lasting Freshness:

The new perfume provides up to 4 weeks of long-lasting freshness for your clothes after washing

  • Twice the Yielding vs Powders:

Liquid detergents provide twice the wash loads versus powder detergents. 3L Persil Gel is equal to 6KG of powders.

  • Optimum Fiber Protection:

For long-preservation of your fabrics, liquid detergents do not harm the fabrics and do not leave behind any residues.