Persil Power Gel LF Green 7L

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  • 2X Power Versus Powder: Persil Gel provides twice the cleaning power versus regular powder detergents, ensuring even the toughest of stains are eliminated while washing.
  • More Detergent, More Savings: The NEW Persil Gel 7 Litre cannister offers you more washing and more saving! Did you know that 7 Litres of Persil Gel is equivalent to 14 KGs of regular powder detergent? This means the 7Litre Persil Gel is more economical and efficient!
  • Deep Clean Technology: With its Deep Clean German Technology, Persil Gel is the number 1 Liquid Detergent in the GCC, as per quantitative research.
  • All Laundry Types: Persil Gel provides perfect cleanliness and removes stubborn stains on all types of laundry and fabrics without harming them.
  • Gentle on Fabrics, No Residues: Thanks to its liquid format, Persil Gel will not harm the fabrics or leave behind any residues on your clothes or in your washing machine.
  • Long-lasting Freshness: Persil Gel ensures a fresh fragrance that remains on your clothes, long after the washing is complete.
  • How to Use: Place the bottle sideways with the valve pointed down. Then, unscrew the vent cap. Place the dosing cup underneath the tap and press the red button. Use 100ml for normal stains and 150ml for heavy stains.