Familia Kitchen Towel Jumbo 6 Roll

Familia Kitchen Towel Jumbo 6 Roll

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The Familia JUMBO kitchen towel offers great value.

  • 2ply sheets make the Familia JUMBO thicker, stronger and more reliable 
  • Embossed kitchen towel with a massive 560 sheets per roll 
  • One Familia Kitchen Towel is equal to 6 normal rolls for a fraction of the price
  • With half sheet, perforation enables you to control wastage and save on those small jobs.
  • In a huge 6 rolls per slab stock up today.  

Paper manufactured from 100% pure cellulose.


Color: White 

Number of Sheets: 560 Sheets Per Roll

Layers / Ply: 2 Ply

Dimensions: 225mm x 125mm

Cellulose: 90% 

Virgin Pulp: 40-50%

Quantity: 6 Rolls

Country of Manufacture: Turkey