Aroma Color Chocolate Brown No.25

Aroma Color Chocolate Brown No.25

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The power of keratin, collagen and omega-9 acids in an innovative 3-plex complex.

Aroma Color 3-plex active complex is rich in amino acids and proteins. Specially created for weak, damaged and treated hair. It takes care of the hair from the inside out, protecting it from breakage and nourishing it in-depth.

Aroma Color permanent hair color cream with 3-plex active complex of keratin, collagen and omega-9 acids for vital and nourished hair. The enriched formula protects the hair from breakage during coloring, strengthening the hair structure and improving elasticity. Thanks to the 3-plex innovation, the hair is stronger, hydrated and restored. Forget about white hair and enjoy even more beautiful and lively hair with shiny and saturated color for weeks.

Result after coloring:

  • Strong, vibrant and nourished hair
  • Natural shade, rich shimmering color
  • Long-lasting shiny color without white hair

The package contains 45 ml hair color cream, 45 ml developer, 15 ml hair conditioner, gloves.